Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Off The Shelf - Anna

(*note: I did receive this ebook for free. However, this will not alter my opinions at all)

Hey Guys,

So I recently was asked to read and review Anna by Meghan Riley, the first release in the Starseed Series. The summary intrigued me as it seemed like a comparable story to the Mara Dyer series, though with a twist, Aliens.

(Summary from Goodreads)
 To the outside world, Anna appears to be an ordinary high school senior... 

Anna has a lot of questions. Should she pursue her desire to leave home for college and live out her dream of becoming a physicist? Or should she stay home and help care for her family, which has struggled ever since her father died in Afghanistan? Is her crush, Steve, really interested in her, or is he only using the highly intelligent Anna to try and boost his grades in school? 

These questions, plus the ordinary trials and tribulations of high school, distract Anna from noticing some very... strange things that are beginning to happen to her. 

For as long as Anna can remember, she has had a haphazard smattering of freckles on her arm. But these freckles are starting to change, and cause a series of unnerving hallucinations and odd side effects that only Anna seems to notice. When a strange shadow man starts to haunt her nights, she decides to go on a hunt for the truth to discover, once and for all, what is happening to her. The hallucinations continue growing stronger, however, and each new visit by the shadow man appears to become more and more threatening. Eventually, Anna realizes that she can no longer hide from her friends and family what is happening to her. 

But as she shares her secret with those closest to her, Anna never imagines that her very life, and the lives of those she loves, will be put in jeopardy.

Who, or what, is Anna?

The story itself was a bit difficult to get into, a bit slow in the beginning.  I just felt that nothing really happened in the first third of the book. Throughout the story I was very much reminded of the Mara Dyer trilogy, until the last quarter or so. The major plot twist happens within the last few chapters, and this is where the story gets interesting. However, because this is only in the last few chapters, it felt really rushed. 

I rated this 3/5 stars on goodreads, basically because I wasn't reeled in as much as I would've liked to be, but I did like the story. It was a great easy read and I would recommend that you check it out if you liked the Mara Dyer trilogy. 

xoxo Kendall


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