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Get to Know Corina Nika

So this blog has been in existence for nearly a year now, and my instagram around for nearly two, Throughout this time I've found myself quite a few influences that have inspired me in a number of ways, and I'd like to share them with you. The Get To Know series shall be ongoing for as long as I can keep it going, touching on everyone from photographers, to writers, to musicians, to fellow bloggers, and I really hope you enjoy it.

To start off this series, I've had the honor to work with the fabulous Corina Nika, the creator of Cocorrina. If you are active in the blogging community, chances are you've seen her graphics somewhere, if not on her actual blog. Along with her graphics, Corina is also a fantastic writer and photographer and has quickly become one of my biggest creative influences.

Tell us a bit about yourself!
My name is Corina, and i’m a graphic designer and art director blogging at Cocorrina. Also super obsessed with lettering and photography. At the moment, my husband, me, our husky Bella and tuxedo cat Shrek are based in Kefalonia Island, Greece

What would you say triggered the feeling that this was what you wanted to do?
Looking back at some videos i’ve made with my friends in high school, in the question “what do you wanna be when you grow up” i said a famous designer. Later on, while in college studying interior design, i and basics of graphic design. My graphic’s designer teacher told me one day, that if you don’t do graphic design in your life you would regret it your whole life. And he was right. I had so much passion and love for this, that he saw it. And later on i saw it as well. 

How have you changed, (both creatively and personally), since starting your blog?
I’ve changed in so many ways to be honest it’s insane. To start with, i learned how to be myself. Being quite introverted, i would allow only a couple of people see the real me. Funny, quirky, silly, bossy, passionate, completely nuts. Through my blog, i learned how to express myself, even through writing, but not being afraid of showing who i really am. And that went through my communication with other people as well. 

What advice do you have for aspiring digital artists/designers?
 Never be afraid of experimenting, trying new things. Challenging yourselves, that’s when creativity flows and that’s the moment you become better. Never stay in your comfort zone. 

How would you describe your creative style/process?
 Messy. I’m completely over the place, doing all kinds of things at the same time. But through the chaos is where inspiration and creativity are born :)

Since this is a series on influential people, who are some of your influences? (both creative and personal)
 There are just so many. From photographer on instagram (just take a look at each and everyone that i follow) to fashion bloggers (Modern Legacy, Tuula, Ivania Carpio) and graphic designers (breanna rose, jessica commingle, mae mae paperie, designlovefest, amanda jane jones) 

What are you truly passionate about?
Will sound kinda mainstream, but life itself. I tear up with every chance when it comes to how beautiful our world is, living, what a gift we have. And that same time, i feel all the bad emotions on how difficult it is to live, how harsh it’s gotten for all of us. I couldn’t be more passionate about living the life in the most beautiful way i can, enjoying every second and making the most of it. 

A final note?
 Thank you Kendall for having me :) 

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Kendall Lynne said...

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