Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The January Birchbox

First off,  I apologize that this post is so late, that's just the way the scheduling of this post laid out. I've decided to give you a quick overview of all of the products within this adorable box this month as well as what I thought about them. 

Curly Hair Solutions
Curl Keeper Gel
Full Size: $10-17.50

This is actually a really nice sized sample. The product itself works, but no better than other antifrizz and curl products from the drugstore. Will probably not purchase.

Dr. Jart+
Beauty Balm SPF 45+
Full Size: $39

Wow. The hype on this stuff is real. The sample is quite small, but the product is amazing. It's lightweight, dewy, and has a nice coverage while feeling amazing on my skin. It's a bummer that this one costs so much, or I would definitely be picking it up soon.

Essential Elements
Wake Up Rosemary Body Lotion
Full Size: $19

This one was just alright. The packaging is absolutely beautiful, but the lotion is nothing special. Average scent, average moisturization, and not worth $20

Harvey Prince
Hello Liquid Loofah
Full Size: $22

Eh. The scent was nice, but I saw no real benefit.

Manna Kadar
Lip Locked - All Of Me
Full Size: $24

I really loved this product. The staying power and color is amazing and the feeling is very comparable to the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, but the packaging of the sample was very flawed. Too much product is deposited, and when you wipe it off, it gets all over the wand. No thanks

I'm excited to see how my next Birchbox goes.


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