Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fab Friday: Interview with Jade Corrie

Hi Guys,

First off, I apologize for my lack of photo with today's post, but I just didn't have a good one to match with the topic. But that's okay, right? This post has been a good few weeks in the making as time differences and schedules tend to make things difficult, but nonetheless, today I bring an interview!

I had the opportunity to interview the lovely Jade, the writer of Paper Thin and a co-writer of A Little Opulent. Jade is an incredible fashion writer and her blog is a staple on my blogroll. I'm incredibly grateful that she was willing to contribute to my humble little blog, and I hope you all enjoy!

1. What made you want to start your blog?

I started blogging as my boyfriend told me to give it a go, I was pretty unsure about the whole thing but I do genuinely love fashion, and I am a firm believer you should do what you love in life - so here I am blogging! As time has past it has also been great in helping me keep on top of trends for my other writing work. 
2. What’s the meaning behind your blog name?

It doesn't have a hidden meaning as such but I suppose it is a play on words relating to the tradition glossy magazines. 
3. What advice do you have for new bloggers?

Write for yourself, if you put content out there that you would want to read then chances are there are others out there who will want to read it too. I think to have a blog that has any success you have to make it personal and it has to reflect you, I try and ensure that everything I put out there works with my blog's aesthetic if not it just wouldn't feel authentic. 
4. How would you describe your style?

My style varies - although I am a massive lover of denim! I try and work with a basic neutral palette, adding splashes of colour and great accessories - and I stick to the Coco Chanel rule of once you've dressed, and before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one things off, it never fails. Ever. 
5. What are 3 essentials in your wardrobe?

Denim (of course!), great flats (I am a London girl and that means public transport) and a great basic white t-shirt! 
6. Thrifting or buying new?

Whilst I love a good thrift store, I would have to say buying new - there is something about the gift wrapped item you can't wait to get home! 
7. Do you follow trends? If so, what have been your favorites?

I tend not to, as I mentioned earlier I try and stick to a neutral palette that I then add to. I have learnt what looks good on me and therefore I probably sample trends rather than full on wear them head to toe. For instance I have an amazing pair of wide leg, bright pink trousers by Joseph that I just love - I wear them with a basic black jumper and black accessories and never fail to get compliments - yet I have owned them for 8 years or more. They are just a classic cut and that will always stand the test of time above any trend. 
8. Who are your fashion inspirations?

Olivia Palermo - that girl can accessorise! Diane Kruger, she always looks so effortless and Laura Bailey because she is just British cool. 
9. How has your style changed since you’ve started blogging?

I am probably more aware of my style, and I find pulling together outfits much easier - maybe I have gotten a little more adventurous because I know about so many more labels which gives me so much more choice. 
10. What’s your best fashion advice?

Never worry about the size, worry about the fit - I often take in a size either side of my actual size because it is the fit I am looking for not the size on the label.  

xoxo Kendall


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