Friday, July 25, 2014

Fab Friday Trend Dissection: White on White

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Hey Everyone,

I'm really sorry that I didn't have a post up on Wednesday. I thought I had something scheduled, but apparently I didn't. (grrr). Anyways, today I wanted to do another trend post. If you're a follower of any sort of fashion blog, odds are that you have seen the "all white" trend. 
This has become an incredibly widespread fad for the past spring and current summer season. It seems to be a softer and more "seasonably appropriate" version of an all black outfit, the most classically chic of all fashion. 

Outfit of today :)

While I see why this is such a well loved trend, I don't see myself sporting it. I think it really works well on dark skin, but being slightly paler, I feel like it would wash me out. If you are of a darker skin complexion, I think this trend can be a great way to get dressed fast, perfect for those who find themselves rushing in the morning (and can't spend all day in their pajamas.) Since everything is one color, it doesn't really matter what pieces you pair as they will all look great, (for the most part).

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What do you think of the all white trend? Have you been sporting it?

xoxo Kendall


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