Wednesday, July 2, 2014

How I (attempt to) Stay Organized

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Hello Everyone,

Now I must admit, I'm certainly not the most organized person on the planet. I don't always keep my life perfectly in check and my room isn't always spotless, in fact it's currently a complete disaster area. But messes aside, I still try to keep my blog and internet life in check. Now the tips I'm giving might not work for everyone, so bear that in mind as you read. But, I hope you still enjoy!

1. Keep a daily journal, and write in the morning instead of the night.
I know, almost everyone who keeps a journal writes at night to reflect and recap on their day. I myself did this for months and months. However, I have recently switched to writing in the morning and write about my plans and goals for the day/week. Not only will this get your mind in check for the rest of the day, but you'll be more awake and motivated.

2. Planners are everything. 
and that's an understatement. I tend to write down everything in certain colors. For example, I would write tests and due dates in red, homework in blue, scheduled blog posts in purple, et cetera, et cetera.

3. Keep a blogging notebook
and split it up into sections. This doesn't have to be expensive. In fact, mine is a composition notebook that is divided up with sticky notes. Now these sections can be used however you see fit. Mine is split up into an ideas section for jotting down topics, a section for content or notes for those ideas, and an email section to keep track of replies and conversations.

Overall, it's entirely your choice what you use to (attempt to) stay organized within your life, but I hope these tips help you out,

xoxo Kendall


Nicole C. said...

Haha you seem pretty organised, despite what you say! :) Love the notebook - so pretty!

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