Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Off The Shelf - The Confessions of Jonathan Flite

(Note: I did receive this ebook for free. However, all opinions are entirely my own and have not been influenced)

Hey Guys,

Get ready. This is about to be the most constructive book review that I've ever done. I'll start by giving a quick synopsis of the book from goodreads, which I assume is the blurb on the actual book.

Jonathan Flite claims to have memories he can’t explain. Seven layers of them, to be exact, all belonging to a group of teenagers who disappeared from a place called Idle County in 2010—ten years before his birth. Seventeen years of anxiety, violent outbursts, and refusal to admit he is lying have landed him at Crescent Rehabilitation Center, a seaside juvenile center for rich kids, and nobody has ever dared to believe his memories might be real.

Until now. On a blustery November day just three months after a nuclear terrorist attack in Geneva, Switzerland, ex-CIA psychiatrist Thomas Lumen arrives at Crescent to interview Jonathan for a book about Idle County. Fueled by his personal connection to the disappearances three decades earlier, he asks Jonathan to share what he knows—anything and everything.

By reigniting this thirty-year-old mystery, however, Jonathan inadvertently becomes a target of the very same religious terrorists who attacked Geneva, and they’ll stop at nothing to keep the secrets of Idle County under wraps. Jonathan must then make a choice: to continue telling his story, or risk the safety of everyone he loves.

Are you intrigued yet? 

I must say, the story really gripping at the beginning and I was really excited to get into this book. This was true until about a third of the way in, and that's when things got confusing.

The story bounces between several different time periods, each with their own characters that are doing their own specific thing, almost creating several plots. Of course, the plots connect and intertwine together, but at some points it doesn't seem that way. 

There are also a ton of characters and I had trouble with telling them all apart and got them screwed up a lot. 

However, I would be really interested in seeing a movie version of this book. This way, all of the characters and plot points could be visually laid out and make the story much easier to understand. 

Maybe I just need to read it again.

xoxo Kendall


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