Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Journal Post

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Hey Guys,

So I don't know about other people, but for me, with reading comes writing, And with blogging, comes even more writing. While writing on computer documents is great and all, I'm a sucker for journals. 

And I keep a few.

The Daily Journal:
This one is exactly what it sounds like. Think your diary from 5th grade, just...better. I write in this almost everyday to document the things that have gone on and whatever I happen to be feeling at the moment, and it's great.

The Blog Book:
I've kept this journal as a vault for all of the post ideas I come up with for when I sit down on the weekends and write up my posts for the week. I keep a running list of all of my ideas and take notes on any content things I may forget.

The Book Journal:
Think Goodreads on paper. This is really handy for my monthly wrap up as I group up the books I read for every month and rate them simply. 

Not to mention I also keep a planner for writing down homework and a sketchbook that I draw in religiously.

Are you a journal keeper?

xx Kendall


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