Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Late Night Brain Dump

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Well Hello,

As I type up this post, it's about 11pm on Saturday night, (I believe it's three days later now as you read this), and I had the urge to just put words down on paper. Typically, I would just pull out my journal and write there, but I decided that since I'm posting everyday, why not write it here?

I'm not sure how many people are aware of my age, but I'm 14 years old and a freshman in highschool. It's December, we're nearing the end of the semester, and things are getting pretty hectic. My semester project in my biology class is due next Friday, (which I'm hoping to post here), and that project definitely crept up on me. 

But besides that, I'm really looking forward to Christmas break. I believe I have two more weeks until then, but that doesn't mean I'm not already planning what I'm going to do. I've committed to joining WhittyNovels's cram-a-thon which will be my first readathon, and I'm super excited.

I've realized that this post isn't really going anywhere, but I don't think that's really an issue. Sometimes it's good to just get my thoughts out, let you guys know what's up.

We'll be back to the regular posts tomorrow, I promise.

xx Kendall


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